A man who specializes in building brick walls could spend a lot of time and energy searching for an ever more exquisite brick for each new project.   In the end, his final product will still be a brick wall.

The materials used to create are almost irrelevant - creators make art with whatever it is they see before them.  After that, one must take responsibility for what one creates.

Do I really need the world's most exquisite dancers in order to create good choreography?  Do I need the world's best musicians to compose good music?  Do I need the hottest tools to come up with an interesting performance concept? I don't think that I necessarily do. After all, the Taj Mahal, the Colosseum of Rome, the Great Pyramids of Egypt - all were built with what were essentially just rocks.

Creators make art with whatever it is they see before them.

But one must take responsibility for what one creates.


"I have been able to work with Rick professionally through Cirque. I feel he is such an incredible artist, director/ choreographer. He does amazing work. From his vast background he is also an amazing teacher; he knows how to pull amazing things from all kinds of artists."

Bonnie Story, Emmy Award Winning Choreographer


"During the years I directed Utah Ballet, the most original, challenging, and exciting choreography came from Rick Tjia. And considering that he also wrote, mixed, performed, and recorded the music, created set design, knew precisely what costumes he wanted, tirelessly demonstrated and worked with the dancers, he was by far the easiest choreographer I've ever worked with. Needless to say, the show was a huge hit with dancers and audience alike."

Regina Zarhina, Owner, Director, School of Russian Ballet, Spain



"Rick Tjia is a most innovative and cutting edge choreographer, extraordinarily creative, multi-talented in a variety of stage crafts. Music, lighting, stage and costume design... "

Misha Tchoupakov, Assistant Professor at the School of Dance, University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA)



Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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